About Us

Born and raised in Glastonbury, John Tucker is  a Somerset-based master craftsman with over 25 years’ experience in the trade.

I pride myself on combining traditional skills and techniques that i have honed over the years with modern working practices, and this is perfectly shown in our in the Flat Pack Bar System that I created almost 10 years ago

Waste - We care about our world and its resources, by using CNC cutting equipment and have designed the bars to minimise wasted materials, all our waste is recycled by our skip / waste company.

Paint - All our Paint and stain is eco-friendly and made by a local company - Thorndown Paints.

Offsetting - We are in a very fortunate position to have our own land and will be planting a native tree for ever bar we sell, last year we planted 40 - mixed native trees. 

Packaging - We reuse pallets and cardboard packaging to protect the bars on their journey to you, we use the TPN pallet network for delivery to utilises group transport

Customers - They are extremely popular, being used at events, fairs and festivals throughout the South West and Bristol, being used by Coca Cola, Hook Norton, Sharp's, Orchard Pig and Stella Artois.